Sky Burial

by Meryl Streaker

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Recorded in a garage by Erik Jensen

Erik : Guitar/vocals
Silas : drums
Connie : bass/vocals

physical release:

7" release by Trends Die Records

-100// clear w/ smoke
-100// opaque violet
-100// black

-25// transparent purple tape
-25// black tape


released May 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Meryl Streaker San Diego, California

3 Piece Emoviolence band from San Diego

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Track Name: A Mile in Ed Gein's Skin Shoes
My mind Wanders When I'm Alone
Drifting past my own limits into violent fantasies

When can fulfill the urge to see
the limits of humanity
no beating heart
no conscious start
just fantasy, Catharsis

Chastise my thoughts, I feel nothing, no comfort in life
Track Name: My Ishmael
an entire world on the tip of a corroding jettison,
that gave out thousands of years ago,
mother culture holding yr hand,
fingernails through yr palms.
we've all been falling,
thinking we're flying.
Track Name: Transposed Skeletal Rebirth
Dried Eyes Rolling Back, cracked fangs
splintered claws, flowered corpse
skeletal rebirth, form new homes
Sunny Days Shine on scattered remains,
building new hope on past loss

Barren land transposed
fertile ground ensued
roots dig in

coming rains, dry days
stems sprout

sunlit leaves in the rich soil
petals spring

scattered remains and endless days

And when the flowers bloom

Thats When Burial Grounds
change to new homes
barren land changed to
these beautiful flowered fields
Track Name: I Want to Die Wondering
i want to die wondering
*banshee scream*
*various yelling*
Track Name: Insignificant Steps and Shallow Breath
Wander aimless till you reveal
monstrous inner workings
i feel no embrace from the shroud
darkness in my head,
i want to feel again,
i cant change pace, new face
I am no one of significance
I am no one

like a newborn in summer with windows up,
i'm incapable,
of freeing myself from certain lonely death