Nayru​/​/​Meryl Streaker split

by Meryl Streaker

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both sides recorded in a garage by Erik Jensen.

split with Nayru for our West Coast tour together.

Erik : Guitar/vocals
Silas : drums/vocals
Connie : bass/vocals

physical release:

13// 8" black and silver marbled lathe


released July 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Meryl Streaker San Diego, California

3 Piece Emoviolence band from San Diego

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Track Name: Nayru- The Monster Inside Me Has Grown So Big
Five years
Shackled to
a chamber

Those cindered eyes defy attempts at language
Aiming to tie together loose ends
That are forgotten and demolished

He loved me
Up until he stopped sleeping
and breathing
He loves me now
and is finally free

In miserable pasts and futures
A single strand is comfortably placed
In a red lined notebook that's stained with neglect
Remembrance is the last key to sanity

He was proud of me
He’s a skeleton
He was happy to see me
He’s dirt, he’s earth

Sanity is the last thing blocking enlightenment
Vowels don't always project
Souls can't always coalesce
Understanding is veiled
In consonants and euphemisms
Suffocating memories and repressed desires
For these words to reach those ears
Is the final act and last request
Of a decaying figure gorging itself on false pride and philosophies

Monsters will be monsters
Track Name: Nayru- God in the Wired
The anxiety of immobility
still picks away at the cells of the brain,
The berserk destruction nestles itself within reality
Swallows the prayers of movement and execution
Leaving only noise and vibrations

Forehead wrinkled
Stagnant, but productive
Prior to May

Tormenting the muscles that scream for air
And devouring the syllables resting on the tongue
Peeling the flesh,
Revealing the vitals

Against wires
Counterfeit wires
Binding nonetheless

The concept of being whole and complete
The essence of ties,
dismembered entities
Have found God in the Wired
Track Name: Meryl Streaker- A Call to Arms
i cant imagine the amount of pain
it takes to want to end yr own life
thoughts and voices
planted like seeds of hate
watered by all thats alive
coerced into seeing themselves as bodies they must defy
battered and discouraged to the point of suicide.

expel the religions that criminalize her choices
dethrone the media that normalizes the destruction of biology
eradicate the orators of demeaning, manipulative expectations
for her.

she is worth thousands of at fault lives
i'll burn down the country before i let her die.
they are worth thousands of at fault lives
we should burn down the country before we let them die.

this is a call to arms
Track Name: Meryl Streaker- See It Through
Running through, mistaken field of dreams
filter with, neither pain or pleasure
i insist, we never feel again
convoluted reckoning
see it through, just understand
thats its true, everything meaningless
and we will, amount to nothing
just bitter sweet understanding

Wander Through, Cater To a perfect idea with self destructive reason
savor it all, supplement every flaw
I’ll be nowhere I suppose we’re faults of cells
I believe we mean nothing at all

wander through, cater to, suffering
to learn that all i know it in questions
Track Name: Meryl Streaker- Expect Resistance
you cannot stifle a movement
kept alive by people that live for it
shutting down our spaces
will encourage us to stand together
shut down the Che?
expect resistance